Weeks and weeks have passed by and after two successful album listening sessions i.e a private one which had industry personalities attend and a public session which had family, friends, fans and colleagues in attendance , the road towards the outdooring of the prestigious #itmoc album is gradually hitting its climax as the official album art cover was displayed at the latter session by the award winning gospel artiste KobbySalm.

The album art cover depicts truly what the album name suggests (In The Midst Of Comfort) which has been countlessly expressed by KobbySalm on any platform whereby questions have been raised to the choosing of the name #itmoc for his debut album.

The colourful piece of art identifies the artist in a different position but the true beauty lies in the story that depicts the representation of the album hence the use of another animate thing as an object which perfectly brings the design to life.

Attached to this is the detailed breakdown of the 20 track list showcasing the artistes featured on each song with credits formed and based on arrangements, writing of the song, instrumentation, production , mixing and mastering of songs.The surface of the tracklist would have the songs numbered as the following ;

1.Itmoc intro ( ft Owura and Awurabena)

2.Choose you ( ft Seth Diamond and Harriet Brobbey)

3.Obiara nse wo (ft Nana Asaase)

4.Pray (ft Canton Jones and UG Mass Choir)

5.Gye yen so (ft Efe Grace)

6.Your presence is Heaven (ft Edem Evangelist)


8.Makyele mama (ft Vacs and e.l)

9.Sambele (ft nkay)

10.Personal love

11.Today today

12.Hymnal skit (ft Abigail Kwakye Mensah )

13.Satisfy Interlude (ft em’praise inc.)

14.Show me your way (ft. s.k yebi and fra)

15.Favor got me here (ft Calvis Hammond and em’praise inc.)

16.Shine again (ft Dark Suburb)
17.Grateful (ft Eric Jeshrun)

18.God dey (ft UG Mass Choir and Afro Harmony Band)

19.Joy ( ft Dave da Musicbox)

20.Odo mmroso ( ft Pastor mark Owusu Ansah)

On the other side whilst waiting for the official release of the main album , we are still enjoying the hit single “jejeli” by kobbysalm ft okesokey from nigeria and link to the official video is here

Time draws closer and closer to the main release of the album be reminded that you can pre order the album here : 
https://efie.co/kuczh and stand a chance of getting an #itmoc merch handed over to you swiftly. To double and cross check out kobbysalm’s #itmoc merch please kindly visit the following page links :

https://instagram.com/kobbysalm_merch_official?igshid=vf96otpr21p7 https://www.facebook.com/KobbySalm_merch_official-629385837694705/